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Sudair Commercial Strip

A 15-hectare commercial strip is planned to provide services to one of the main industrial hubs in Riyadh – the Sudair Industrial City. Situated along the Riyadh-Qaseem highway, the commercial strip comprises of gas station, hotel, truck yard, shopping center, and clinic. A modern gas station has been designed with retail, car wash, and services that complement travelers and visitors to the industrial center.

The hotel component rising at 4 levels offers accommodations, F&B, and amenities that welcome guests who may have businesses at the adjoining industrial complex. With 189 keys, the hotel can be expanded to accommodate more facilities and guests in the future. The truck yard features unique drivers’ facilities, diesel station, services, and parking for 300 trucks. The shopping center component with its linear built form provides dining, retail, and convenience market at the ground level with offices at the first level. The clinic includes retail, F&B, service cores, supermarket, and pharmacy. The built form and design features the ubiquitous container vans as a recurring design form echoing the industrial character of the development.


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Sudair Commercial Strip