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Sun Island Villas

Sun Island is a cluster of man-made islands in Sharjah as residential neighborhoods. Residential typologies include stand-alone villas and duplexes for 3, 4, 5, and 6 bed units. The minimalist design of modern style employed in this project is based on the clean and simple lines that define the building forms. Large openings with horizontal louvers create a lasting impression of cosmopolitan lifestyle while the natural texture wall finishes add a residential taste to the façade.

Although the buildings are compact, undulations on the façade create an illusion of a multitude of dynamic building forms, rather than a single conglomeration. Through the use of incidental and controlled access on the ground floor, the project fosters interconnectivity between the development and the surrounding community.

The exterior of the entire development is white plaster. The use of modern screens and canopies provides the required shade for the glass façade. The façade utilizes contemporary design elements consisting of large openings, horizontal louvers, ceramic tiles, and wood finishes that help define the residential character of the units.


Project Type:

Residential Community
Sharjah, UAE


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Sun Island Villas