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Aaltoo University of Art

Straddling the line between past and future, the new home for Aalto University of Art’s MAAD (the center for Media, Architecture, Art, and Design) aims to provide an iconic new identity for the recently reorganized school. While preserving the campus’ profound relationship with nature, MAAD also creates a new circulatory center for the University—one that is aesthetically bold and inherently contemporary.

Designed to respect the existing architecture, the MAAD building uses soaring rectilinear masses to address the students’ varied needs. Behind the wood-and glass façade, spaces range from dark rooms to spacious, sun-drenched studios, and the linear arrangement of classrooms and studios allows for circulatory efficiency, modularity, and flexibility. A sky lounge and several cafés provide restful areas for relaxation between classes.


Project Type:

Helsinki, Finland


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Aaltoo University of Art