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Saadiyat Island Beach Resort

Unlike the UAE’s built-up artificial islands, Saadiyatt Island is a natural and pristine location. On Saadiyatt, the resort site is almost entirely surrounded by the beautiful natural sand dunes and beach overlooking the gulf and the neighboring golf course inland. The site, non-linear and deep, with a guitar-like shape, called for the resort to be situated in the middle with the villas and apartments on the peripheral. The ultra-luxury villas logically take the premium areas near the beach while the luxury villas overlook the golf course. Meanwhile, the apartments are located adjacent to the resort overlooking the golf course. The parking for the resort is located below grade near the entry, a site both publicly accessible and detached from the residential areas.

Generous open spaces and green areas between buildings allows for increased privacy and breathing space within neighboring buildings and resort units. The layout comprises of two types of avenues. The green avenues provide accesses to the chalets while the water avenues are designed for main views, allowing the chalets to be waterfront properties. Both avenues funnel into the beach and the ocean, for premium views and cool gulf breezes. The main water avenue is located at the axis of the main entry lobby, giving it direct views of the gulf.


Project Type:

Abudhabi, UAE


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Saadiyat Island Beach Resort