Top 40 most powerful architects in the Middle East

We look back at last year’s top architects in the Middle East. Who is missing from the list? Let us know in the comments below.

2015’s Middle East Architect power list is in two parts – the top 10 international figures who have a huge influence on the region and the 40 who have a continued presence in the GCC and show a commitment to this part of the world.

As well – although the listing cannot help but be in some parts subjective – factors such as numbers of projects, office locations and locally-based staff have also been taken into account.

Those directly responsible for design and concept form the list – not company executives

This is because it is inspiration, innovation, social awareness, ability to understand and develop sustainability and the desire to do what no-one else has ever achieved which is at the heart of the very best design professionals.

Top 40 most powerful architects in the Middle East