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Yafour Community Mall

seeks to revitalize and lift the spirit of the community amidst a long and drawn out war.

Strategically located along a major highway between Syria and Lebanon, and only a short distance from downtown Damascus, the Community Mall will provide amenities and a gathering place for not only the surrounding community but also for travelers between Syria and Lebanon.

The Mall will have a combination of myriad retail offerings, F&B and cafes, Fine Dining, a Skating Rink, swimming pools, family entertainment area, a wedding hall, and governmental services. Occupying part of Basement 1, Level 1 and 2 and Roof, all these spaces congregate around a large Atrium with a skylight above. All parking is accommodated in two and a half basements.

The roof will be activated as an indoor/outdoor village comprised of a mixture of cafes, restaurants and other community amenities.

The architecture of the mall will be upbeat and retro-modern, expressed in carved metal cladded masses that look like naturally formed crystals, accentuated by neon lights.


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Yafour Community Mall