NAGA architects is a multi-disciplinary planning and design firm that revolves around the urban environment. In NAGA architects, we persevere to provide highly distinct levels of service in the fields of urban master planning & design, architectural & interior design, landscape, urban market research & design programming, real estate investment advice, building engineering & value engineering consultancy, and construction management. With architectural design at its core, the firm has proven that good design requires a deep understanding of various interacting social, economic, physical, and environmental aspects. Integrating this insight in NAGA architects has been among the most important ingredients for its phenomenal success since its inception in 2000.


This integrated design approach has been backed by a highly professional management team with a wide range of academic and practical experience in urban environment as well as geographical contexts, including many parts of the United States, Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.


In NAGA architects, we believe and demonstrate that good architecture results from the equilibrium of form, function, and technology, along with the coherent integration of structure, materials, and construction. For us, design is an opportunity to experiment with geometrical composition, and it is this approach which most distinguishes our work. The final result prides itself for its manipulation of design components; the interlocking geometrical form suggests a timeless design, while metaphorical objects draw a regionalist approach to design.


In NAGA architects, ambitious vision, a clear mission and sincere values create a working environment that is conducive to innovation, quality work, and the striving to live and satisfy our clients' needs. Believing that each of our clients is unique and has different needs and aspirations requires us to treat each assignment as a singular case, which makes each experience an exciting new chapter in a live story. Our design philosophy and professional values have attracted a diverse team of talented individuals who love the challenges our work provides. With all of our staff sharing the same values of sincerity and dedication to excellence, NAGA architects will continue to attract talent from across the world to experience how an ambitious vision can be realized through sincere efforts and hard work.





NAGA architects was founded by Dr. Shams Eldien Naga in 2000 and has experienced steady growth since then. It currently employs over a hundred professionals of diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, from the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North, Central, and South America. With an equally diverse clientele, the firm has completed projects throughout the Middle East, Europe and the US.


During the construction boom in Dubai, it designed a variety of large commercial and multi-family developments.




NAGA architects is an award-winning independent practice, maintaining over eight offices in the Middle East and North America, and servicing clients throughout the architectural, planning and construction industries. Our global team of experts brings passion and innovation to the benefit of our projects. We are dedicated to providing services to support our clients and enhance their investments in every way we can.






NAGA architects' strategic objectives are designed to realize its vision, namely to become a "respected name in the Middle East's residential and commercial community," with award-winning designs that are the first choice of the region's real estate developers, property owners, and end users. To achieve such a vision, the firm's management team works continuously to develop standards, systems, and procedures that define NAGA architects' way of real estate development.


From its inception, NAGA architects has cultivated unique capabilities, qualifications and economies in this particular real estate development segment, thereby presenting a significant competitive advantage in new community development and existing redevelopment in Saudi Arabia and throughout the region. Particular emphasis is placed on the intelligent application of international standards, cutting-edge technology, and tools as exhibited by the leading designers, real estate developers, and construction companies in the world.


The firm actively and regularly adopts practices from outside of the Middle East, capitalizing on the decades of investment other markets have made in serving the professional and lifestyle needs of its clients and end users. NAGA Architects develops proprietary software to streamline and simplify the process of evaluating investment opportunities and to draw implications that are essential to design and construction. The firm exerts serious effort to ensure marketability and sell-ability to clients through a continuous research effort to gather input from potential end-users and incorporate the data throughout the design process.


The firm strives to increase its competency by building strong teams of like-minded designers, feasibility specialists, market researchers, architects, engineers, and estimators, investing in their competency through standards and systems.


NAGA Architects stimulates and encourages the professional development of its feasibility, design, engineering and project management staff, instilling in all a personal drive to achieve excellence in design and development. The firm rewards the excellent performance of its employees and affiliates through appropriate company policies governing compensation, incentives, promotions, benefits, and challenging assignments.





NAGA architects does not seek any one big idea to define its designs, but rather each project is the byproduct of a harmonious integration of context, program, structure, building system, construction technology and form. The firm has long focused on mastering pure form, but the method by which it achieves this is constantly evolving, with the firm currently exploring theories such as parametric architecture. The firm also embraces the challenge of sustainability and green architecture, collaborating with qualified consultants to design LEED certified buildings in the UAE and KSA.




NAGA architects' mission is to build aesthetic communities by fostering urban development projects. Through its competency in designing residential single-family homes, multifamily condominium-style buildings, commercial, small footprint retail and cultural centers, it creates complete solutions for urban real estate initiatives.


NAGA architects' work will always be a seed for dramatic changes; its projects alter surrounding urban characteristics and dramatically increase the attractiveness of the neighborhoods they are located in. Our purpose is to provide its clients with a professional real estate design and development service that is trustworthy, knowledgeable, creative, and market savvy.


NAGA architects excels in eight aspects of real estate development: idea inception, idea refinement, detailed feasibility, contract negotiation, formal commitment, construction management, completion & formal opening, and delivery of community development projects.




With its award-winning designs, NAGA architects has built up a prestigious and respected name and strives to become the first choice of property developers throughout the Middle East and eventually the world.


NAGA architects delivers attractive designs to support a quality of home and community life unsurpassed in the region. Rather than placing money before people, NAGA architects does not compromise on servicing the needs, expectations and dreams of its clients. It takes leadership to new levels by promoting professionalism, balanced design, technical competency, applied technology and quality in service. The firm's duty is to make real the vision of a better-built environment, preserving specific societal values in a modern context.





As an award-winning international practice, we provide our clients with some of the most comprehensive and forward-thinking design solutions available throughout North America and the Middle East, with more than 265 professionals in over eight offices. This enables us to combine the strengths of local knowledge and expertise with those of a global network.


Our philosophy is to combine leading international practice with local know-how for the benefit of our clients, which include governments, investors, founders, developers and general end-users.


We are actively extending our international reach in order to satisfy the demands of our clients for consistent quality in all parts of the world. This has recently seen us expand our Head office in Dubai to include a Boston office in the United States of America, as well as in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Doha, Ras Al Khaimah, Egypt , Saudi Arabia, Toronto & Tripoli.





NAGA architects invests heavily in an intimate understanding of the client's requirements in order to efficiently integrate them in today's market and construction industry. This is complemented by our knowledge of local market and cost information, as well as our involvement with the very latest innovative designs and associated construction techniques.


ISO 9001:2008 (TÜV ) CERTIFIED


In 2013, in order to be aligned with the other international EA companies, NAGA Architects successfully got the Quality Management System’s Standard ISO 9001:2008  certification from TÜV.


NAGA Architects is also in the process of implementing an environmental management system & will be ISO 14001:2004 certified within few months.